7 Signs you should see a Life Coach (not a therapist)

This quick read will help you find out if Coaching is right for You.

First, I will begin by dispelling a few things about what Coaching Is NOT.

Myths about Coaching:

  1. Coaches are paid to give advice
  2. You can’t talk about the past or your family in coaching
  3. You shouldn’t express emotions in a coaching session
  4. You have to be ready for change
  5. You Have to Know You Want

Now that you know what coaching is NOT. Keep reading to find out what Coaching Is about.

Life Coaching is for You, IF:

1. You want to prioritize your Health & Happiness

Life coaching ultimately helps you to grow and evolve by:

  1. Discerning the meaningful from the mundane.
  2. Helping you to align your intentions, with what is meaningful to you
  3. To be healthy enough to engage with and enjoy life.

2. You Want to Sharpen Your Intuition

People think coaches “tell you what to do”. In reality, giving advice is often a last resort for most coaches. Most good coaching sessions instead focus on helping a client to strengthen intuition, mindset and intention. From the outside, it can be hard to tell the difference between psychotherapy and life coaching.

3. Want to Clarify What You Want

If you don’t know what you want. Look at what you don’t. Feeling unfulfilled, bored, or frustrated can clue you in to a need, want or aspiration.

3. You want to Maximize your Potential

The ICF definition of Life coaching is:

“A creative and collaborative partnership geared to help you maximize your personal and professional potential.”

The best thing for me is that the growth is mutual. I love coaching because I gain, grow and inspired by the conversations I have with my clients!

4. You want to Use Your Emotions to Get Clarity

“In the journey of life, emotions make great companions but terrible leaders.

‘95% of the obstacles that we experience in our life are emotional. That’s why when we’re talking about change, we often have to start with the psychological part of overcoming our obstacles. Life coaching engages you in a process of discovery to overcome the emotional challenges to achieving your goals.

5. You Want to Get Unstuck

You might feel stuck when you either don’t know what you want and/or don’t know how to get there. Often we get stuck because we think there’s a “right way to do things”. When in reality, we are just afraid to get started. A big part about coaching is getting clarity on the best actions and the actions that are going to yield the highest return.

6. You Want to Overcome Obstacles

There’s no objective without an obstacle. Life coaches engage clients in a process of discovery by overcoming the obstacles in the way. I like the idea of starting small, simple and something that you are pretty sure you would benefit and enjoy, regardless of the outcome. Just get started. You can always course correct either. Even if you don’t hit a specific target now, you still would have gained and learned something that helps you move forward towards what you want.

7. You Want an Accountability Partner

Coaching is about growth. Change is an integral part of growth. Action is one of the final stages of change. So, even if that action is about thinking differently, it’s still a valuable commitment to a part of your journey. That means the work continues beyond the session. Your coach guides you to stay focused on your goals. One of the last questions in a coaching session is simply: What Do YOU Want to Do Next?

I hope this answers the question for those of you out there that are wondering about whether coaching and or therapy is right for you.

If you want to learn more please visit our website. https://mokshaliving.org

Interested in booking a consultation to see what Coaching with me is like, get in touch!

Michell Stanley Founder & Executive Director

I use psychotherapy to alleviate symptoms of emotional distress (such as anxiety or depression). I use life coaching to maximize personal and professional potential towards the results you want for your future. I help my clients to gain more fulfillment by empowering them to develop intuition and insight through cultivating healthy lifestyle habits. My mission is to help people use emotional challenges as opportunities for self-growth and evolution. My holistic approach shows people how to get more Balance, Intimacy, and Trust in themselves and in their lives in order to thrive in the present and secure their legacy.



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