3 Tips to Emotionally Detox

Moving on from setbacks is hard. Clearing the mental clutter, emotional baggage and toxic relationships will get you out of that rut so you can start living the life you wish for.

As always I am going to give you the How To in 3 Simple Tips. . .

1. Start with Small (Physical) Spaces:

Creating physical space creates a shift in your perspective. Shifting your perspective can actually clear out things that don’t serve you while letting go of the mental attachments you have.

Tidying-Up Founder, Marie Kondo says that when you organize a space, you want to do it “forcefully and all at once because you want to create a [an energetic] shift”. In order to do this, you have to start with small (not large) spaces. Instead of an entire room. So start with clearing out one drawer or shelf a day.

2. Create a Worry Ward (Mental Level)

90% of the worries you have are just on a repeat cycle. Since you aren’t coming up with much new or helpful material. Relegate your worry to a specific space in, or out, of your home (aka a Worry Ward ;). Intentionally decide how much time and go there. Commit to worrying for the entire time you sit there. Then stop yourself when you catch yourself doing it again, or go back to your worry corner.

3. Restrict Toxic Interactions (Emotion & Energetic Level)

Toxic relationships are one of the biggest causes of emotional clutter. So to begin decluttering your relationships, reflect on the type of closeness you have with people in your life. You can use the categories below to intentionally decide the time, energy, activity and boundaries you share with people in each of these categories based on the level of intimacy and closeness you have. The inner sphere has the least and most flexible boundaries and the most sharing. While the most outer sphere: Acquaintances have the most rigid boundaries and least amount of sharing.

The inner sphere =is your few and most intimate relationships. These have

2nd Sphere =Close friends and family.

The 3rd sphere is friends and extended family.

4th Sphere — Colleagues and Co-Workers

5th Sphere — Acquaintances are for the most superficial relationships. These have the most boundaries and the least sharing.

Regardless of where you start with emotionally detoxifying, the most important thing is that you get started. If you can’t start on the emotional level. Start on the mental level. If you can’t start on the mental level, start on the physical level.

Good Luck and reach out to Us if you want some support and guidance in Living the Life You Wish For!

Michell Stanley

Holistic Psychology Therapist and Coach

Michell Stanley Founder & Executive Director

My mission is to help people use emotional challenges as opportunities for self-growth and evolution. My holistic approach shows people how to get more Balance, Intimacy, and Trust in themselves and in their lives in order to thrive in the present and secure their legacy.



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