5 Signs You Should see a Therapist (Not a Life Coach)

“Therapy Gives You Courage” -M. Scott Peck

1. You think You Should to Talk to Someone

Whether you think it or someone else told you. . . Therapy is a really good place to begin when you know that you have things that you just want to talk about or get off your chest. Venting can feel like “releasing the valve” to be able to let things go. You don’t have to have a goal. You don’t even have to know where you want to go with the talking. You might even be needing to release emotions held in your body.

2. You Want a Different Perspective

After listening and understanding what is shared, many therapists can reflect an objective perspective that is different than that of your friends, loved ones and family. A different perspective is refreshing because it illuminates opportunities and insights that you just didn’t see before.

3. You are having a hard time adulting

Sure everyone has days where it’s hard to get going and feel good. However, if the bad outweigh the good or you find you just don’t have the energy or emotional bandwidth for normal daily routines, it might be an indication that your experiences are more than circumstance. Seeing a therapist can give you clarity about organic, physiological and internal factors that are influencing you.

4. You’re Going through a Difficult Time

Whether it’s a big change, life transition or even a loss, these situations can really take you down mentally, physically and emotionally. Getting help during difficult situations can help you move through set-backs quicker and be more resilient on the other side.

5. You want to Know & Understand Yourself on a Deeper Level

There’s no reason to come to therapy that is better than another. If you are a person who wants to dive deep into what makes you You, so that you can show up as the best version of yourself in your life and relationships, What are You Waiting For!?



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