The Effect of Post-Pandemic Crisis Culture at Work

By: Michell Stanley, Holistic Psychotherapist & Fulfillment Coach

Even though the threat of the pandemic has significantly declined, our minds (and bodies) could still be operating in a panic or crisis state. This high-state of stress is playing out the most in our relationship to how we work.

I know, there are real deadlines and time pressures, but everything isn’t an emergency all of the time. However for many, our work culture and personal relationship to working is making us feel this way.

It’s a normal human response to react to crisis by being: frantic, impatient, rushed, tense and increased…

A Holistic Guide to Mind-Body Calm

So many people want to be able to meditate for the benefits it can have such as:

  • Quiet & Calm Mind
  • Clear Thinking, Focus & Motivation
  • Being able to Let-Go

But No one talks about how hard it is! The truth is: most people have a really hard time meditating and get frustrated, distracted and give-up before they understand the benefits.

Meditation doesn’t have to be comfortable for it to be beneficial. Even after consistently meditating for 10 years, I can honestly say: meditation can be anxiety provoking, difficult and challenging. At the same time, it is still one of…

How to work -smarter from home.

Working from home has blurred the lines between where work ends and you begin. It’s harder to close your laptop. Those alerts on your phone are like wack-a-moles. Your home-office is now taking up your entire house (including your bedroom).

You may think these simple impositions aren’t a big deal, but energetically they make a big difference to your ability to separate life from work. The commingling of work and home is an imposition that exaggerates the sense of importance, value and necessity of your work to your life.

Take a look at these…

How to Turn Over-Thinking into Self-Worth(ing)

Overachieving, a sense of imminent failure and self-devaluation are common signs of impostor syndrome. These habits also make you over-work and burn-out, while also making it harder to realistically assess your competence and skills. In other words: You constantly think you are falling short or on the brink of failure, when you actually are excelling.

Feeling inadequate would put most people in a constant state of striving, stress and imbalance. So, that’s why the solution to impostor syndrome is NOT to over-work but to trust in your self-worth.

Resourcing self-worth from within means cultivating…

By: Michell Stanley

Successful Online Dating

A good portion of the world has been working from home since late March. Because of shutdowns, early closings and job losses, where do you find the time to date? Is online dating an option? According to EHarmony, 20% of online dating resulted in committed relationships. Out of the 5 people that I know have dated online, 1 resulted in a long time relationship. So where are people finding love? Worried that it won’t happen, you get ghosted, become disappointed and devastated. You question if it’s even possible, especially during a pandemic where connection…

Why is it so hard to follow-through with what we want? The steps below will guide you through overcoming issues we commonly face when trying to motivate ourselves to accomplish goals that we have set.

These simple set of tools makes it easy for you to take action towards creating your best life. This outline uses intentional statements, short-term goals, and action steps to help you develop your own blueprint for sustained balance, growth and fulfillment. …

By Michell Stanley

Women who find themselves approaching 40 with no plan or partner for having a family may feel the reality of fertility slapping them in the face. In fact, new research has shown that women who don’t see themselves having children in their 20s are 4 times less likely to have them by the age of 40.

For the women who find themselves on the fence about whether they want to have children, this statistic can feel quite chilling. Could it really be this black-and-white? …

Positive Psychology is the science of being your best and feeling your best. The field is founded upon belief in human goodness, and human desire to improve ourselves and enjoy our lives. The goal of positive psychology is to increase human flourishing. I define human flourishing as: becoming the most successful and satisfied version of ourselves. The ground-breaking discovery made by positive psychologists is that building our best life requires more than just fixing our problems; in order to flourish we must create more of the good stuff.

The WHO? of positive psychology is everyone. The WHAT? of positive psychology…

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